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It has never been easier to communicate: voice, fax, and email options make it possible to interact with your customers night or day,  in any number of ways. But how can your company manage all of these options and divergent incoming messages? Unified messaging solutions from ACP, based on the CallXpress platform, can put you back in charge of your business communications.  The AVST CallXpress communications platform allows you to gain a competitive advantage, improve customer service and employee productivity, while saving your company money. CallXpress provides access to all of your received messages--voice, fax, and email--together through either the telephone or computer. This single point of access and control increases your productivity while improving communications with both customers and co-workers--no matter if you are in the office or on the road.  CallXpress offers computer access to all your messages--voice, fax, and email--providing graphical access to the same messages you access over the phone. Imagine being able to view all of your message types in a single list, using your email application or web browser. With a click of your mouse, you can have your voice mail messages played to you over your computer speakers or telephone, or view your incoming faxes securely on your computer screen. No more checking in three different places for messages. A CallXpress system can save time, and increase productivity. Computer Access To All Your Messages The CallXpress system allows you to view your voice and fax messages through either Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes, along with your email messages, providing true unified messaging. Voice and fax messages are identified by unique icons, allowing you to easily see and sort on each message type. You can also see who your messages are from, when they were received, and which messages are urgent--such functionality allows you to instantly identify the most important messages and act on those first, regardless of how your customer or co-worker chose to communicate with you.  Functions you used to perform through the telephone can also be done through Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. Composing, listening to, and viewing voice and fax messages are all done using native email management commands, speeding message handling, and virtually eliminating user training.  Additionally, the blending of message types in your email client extends and strengthens your company's communications abilities. For instance, a voice mail or fax can be forwarded as a WAV or TIF file to any email address, eliminating the need to transpose message information. These same voice and fax messages can also be saved in existing email folders, to your hard drive, or any other long term storage device. Telephone Access To All Your Messages When you don't have computer access, CallXpress provides the same level of flexibility by providing access to all three message type via telephone. A single call accesses your email messages as well as voice and fax messages. Using text-to-speech technology, CallXpress reads your email messages to you. The text-to-speech engine interprets "email shorthand" in easy-to-understand spoken English--and other languages as well.  If you prefer to read your email rather than listen to it, simply forward it to the nearest fax machine, along with any of your faxes--directly from the telephone. Plus, with the same touch-tone commands used for voice and fax messages, you can reply to an email with a voice message, or forward an email to a co-worker along with a voice introduction.  Using the very same commands as you do for voice and email messages, you can also manage your received faxes through the telephone. Faxes are sent to your mailbox, not a public fax machine. In addition to privacy, you also gain complete access to your faxes when out of the office. Faxes can be forwarded to any fax machine, or forwarded onto a co-worker for follow-up.  CallXpress helps you stay in close contact with your customers or co-workers without the need for a laptop computer and remote network connection. All these possibilities are available by connecting CallXpress to the business tools you already have--your LAN, PBX, PC, telephone, and email server. CallXpress also goes beyond messaging and call processing. Automated Agent allows the development of interactive voice response (IVR) systems that allow your customers to access the information they need at a minimal time and employee cost to you. Customers can look up order status, invoice status, payment histories, stock prices, nearest locations, make payments, place orders, and more. An automated, phone-based IVR system lets your customers complete simple requests, look up information, and make requests - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without any additional staffing investment on your part. The result is better service to your customers, less employee time spent on repetitive information and off-hours staffing. CallXpress also has the unique advantage of full integration with a state-of-the-art fax server, RightFax. RightFax and CallXpress allow integrated management of incoming and outgoing faxes from each employee's desktop. This creates significant cost savings in time to send a fax, and faster delivery of faxes. Faxes are delivered directly to a personal mailbox, improving your response time and customer service level, while also assuring more secure confidentiality. Integration with CallXpress's unified messaging means fewer lost communications, faster response times and better communications with your customer.


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