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RightFAX Enterprise Fax Server can be integrated into the CallXpress software. RightFAX has state-of-the-art faxing capabilities that have revolutionized the way we fax. This server provides the perfect network fax solutions for all business sizes, including the enterprise. Currently RightFAX servers are installed in 80% of Fortune 100 companies.


A superior client/server architecture enables the RightFax communications server to simultaneously handle complex fax conversions, record keeping, printing, and processing as the server-client workstations are left free to do other tasks. A click of the mouse sends faxes and stores them on the network in a centralized database. Just fax and forget, always knowing you can retrieve, print, annotate, forward, or route your faxes again later.


RightFAX supports a complete suite of fax mail capabilities for inbound and outbound fax messaging. When you receive a fax, it is stored in your personal mailbox until you decide when and where to retrieve it. A number of automatic routing options are available, including DID, DTMF, DNIC, or Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


Sending a fax is just as secure--you fax directly from your computer. Simply choose the fax printer instead of your normal LAN printer, enter the fax number or choose the recipient from any ODBC-compliant phone book, and you're done. Your faxes will never linger at the fax machine again, ensuring confidential faxes stay confidential.


CallXpress also supports a number of features such as individual cover pages, forms, letterhead and signatures to individualize your sent faxes. Additionally, billing codes can be assigned to allocate costs to customers or departments, and each fax has a unique document ID for further tracking.


Not only does sending and receiving faxes from your desktop increase confidentiality, it increases employee productivity as well.


Traditional faxing is a labor intensive process. A document is printed, picked up from the printer, taken over to a fax machine, the number is dialed, the document fed into the fax machine, you wait for the fax to complete, and then it's finally back to your desk and onto your next project. When using CallXpress, the document is sent to the fax server over the network with one click of the mouse, resulting in significant employee time savings.


Not only will you see more productivity from yourself and your associates, you'll realize other cost savings as well.


RightFAX offers true least-cost routing (LCR). We give you a comprehensive dialing system that brings you lowered long-distance charges, capacity sharing, dynamic capacity tuning, and use of the Internet instead of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). You can't afford to be without this technology.


When you want to send the same fax to a lot of people in a hurry, RightFAX provides just the broadcast fax functionality you'll need.


Broadcast to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of recipients at one time--right from your desktop. Using the fax server's embedded codes, you can use a database program or word processor to generate the broadcast fax effort.


This fax server also contains features and tools for organizations that want to combine the power of multiple fax servers on their network, be it LAN, WAN, Internet, or intranet. Multiple fax servers work together to share workloads, resources, and fax channels. Load Balancing directs fax traffic to servers with available phone lines first. Additional features of CallXpress emphasize user and administrator control options, making this not only the most powerful, but also the easiest to manage enterprise fax system available.


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